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Social Media


Napco believes strongly in Social Media.  Napco can assist in setting up and maintaining your firm's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and other social media sites. These are all great outlets to reach out to your community.

Continual Care (AfterCare)


Napco has a continual care program that works.  We partner directly with you to tailor it to you and your community.  Napco will then implement the program to your needs.  We will continuously monitor the aftercare vs at need ratio. 

Fun in the Funeral Home Series


We will invite the community into the funeral home for events other than funerals and preplanning!  Your previously served families will love this.  It's an opportunity to grieve without the tears.  Events such as Spring Fling, Senior Prom, Valentines Luncheon, Canvas Painting are some of our favorites.

Community Partnerships and Networking


We will assist your firm in building a strong partnership with key businesses by inviting the leaders in the community to meet once a month at your funeral home. We have partnerships with Hospice already in place and will bring those to your funeral home.

Grow your At-Need 

While Preneed is our end result, we don't look at it as an immediate result.  Many of the events/meetings/workshops we do will show immediately on the At-Need side.  Napco believes as the At-Need grows your Preneed will as well.  We look at the funeral home as a whole.

CRM - Client Relationship Management


We have our own CRM for all of our counselors to utilize.  We want the counselors to do what they do best and meet with families.  We will make sure no family gets missed through our system as well as advise counselors weekly of their upcoming appointments.

Veteran's Programs


We have leading programs in the industry for Veterans.  We will have seminars for Veterans at your funeral home to educate Veterans on the benefits available to them.  We have also partnered with Honor Flight around the United States to bring more knowledge about their wonderful program to your community.

Out of the Box Thinking

As we are all aware, the funeral industry has drastically changed over the past few years.  Marketing or relationships that were in place years ago, don't work today.  We are constantly researching and trying new ways to build solid relationships with families in your community.  We only partner with like firms.  We want to work with funeral homes that are ready and willing to accept the changes. Our marketing isn't for all funeral homes and that's ok, but the funeral homes we do work with understand that changes need to be made to carry out the legacy of your funeral home.

Direct Mail and Preset Appointments


We utilize our own onsite telemarketing company for many aspects of outreach. They can perform follow up on direct mail, event and aftercare surveys, as well as filling events.  We have several customizable direct mail templates and will work closely with you to find out what works best in your community. Once the leads are received we will work directly with the counselor to preset appointments within their schedule.

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